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Advanced Healthcare Services

Vascular Access

We provide a complete proactive vascular access program to ensure your company is ahead of the curve

We provide complete 24/7 vascular access services to all types of healthcare facilities at a lower cost per procedure. What’s more, we provide education, data compilation, and quality assurance along with the most highly skilled staff in the country.  

  • 24/7 PICC, Midline, PIV & other IV Access
  • -We provide supplies as needed
  • -Services are designed for your needs
  • -Serve exclusively or as supplemental staff
  • -New technology available allows IV'S to place PICC lines without having to verify tip placement with a chest x-ray. This could greatly reduce facility costs.

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy services primarily involve the intravenous administration of medications that treat a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions such as infections, auto-immune illnesses, cancer, pain, multiple sclerosis, hemophilia and nutritional deficiencies. 

Infusicare offers a full-service in-home or facility infusion program. Our team of professionals includes physicians, pharmacists, nurses and patient support coordinators. We are committed to providing a reliable and quality skilled service to both adult and pediatric patients.

Medical Device Sales & Education

We provide speciality medical device sales and educational support. IV's Group offers a comprehensive list of medical devices and backs it up with the highest level of education.

It is our business to offer innovative medical devices  with a focus on developing, and distributing high-quality medical devices used by clinicians and facilities throughout the healthcare industry. Our devices assist in the delivery of providing our clients, patients and facilities with the most optimal products to fit there appropriate needs. 

It is our promise to:

  • Provide our customers, with unsurpassed sales support, education and training for products.
  • We will conduct pre-evaluation, evaluation, implementation, education, in-service training, data collection and consulting activities with healthcare practitioners/facilities regarding the use of products.
  • To provide customer service that exceeds customer satisfaction and enhances customer profit margins. 
  • To relay any feedback, communications, or needs from customers to appropriate parties. 

Infusicare is a company who employs specialty medical device sales and educational representatives, distributors, marketing managers, and corporate investors. We will ensure optimal outcomes for clients, patients & facilities.

 We take into consideration the clinical use of IV's product lines, product features, benefits, development, customer buying preferences and other key subjects to ensure the highest quality and standards.  

 IV.s Group educates all sales force, healthcare practitioners and various employees on IV.s Group products and their applications in the field through classes, field training and sales meetings. 

We will not fail in meeting all of our customer needs and expectations.

Medical Staffing

Our allied staffing experts will match you with the most appropriate candidates through a careful screening, interviewing and quality assurance process. 

 We offer a broad spectrum of healthcare staffing services often found in multiple medical staffing agencies – all rolled into one single strategic business partner. Are you in need of direct placement or per diem healthcare staffing services? Looking to fill an immediate opening, or need full-time assistance managing all or part of your healthcare recruitment process? Whatever the situation, trust Infusicare to deliver the specific skills and expertise you need for long-term success in your healthcare staffing. 


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